About The Game Designer

Evan Shelline, Husband | Father | Veteran | Product Designer

Evan established Bullfrog Games LLC to self publish his first board game Holiday Fever-A Family Tradition. In 2013 after finding out he would soon be a father, and with Christmas on the way, the idea to create a holiday family tradition came smashing into his mind. Many sleepless nights later, with loyal and undaunted help from his wife Lauren, the foundation for Holiday Fever was in prototype form.

Evan is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, has the most beautiful wife in the universe, and is so far blessed with 4 amazing children. He spent 11 years in the United States Navy and completed numerous assignments overseas including 2 combat deployments to Iraq as a Naval Special Operator.


Evan is currently a Team Leader protecting US merchant ships transiting high risk waters on the east and west coast of Africa. With a deep rooted passion for innovation and product design he hopes to help other veterans find a platform for their innovative ideas.

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